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Outcomes are Not Goals

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Hey friends, I'm here to tell you that outcomes are not goals! I know that might sound harsh, but it's true. For example, in a recent workshop, a participant set a specific and measurable goal of "Getting a million followers on social media." While it may meet the measure of being specific and measurable, is it really a goal?

I strongly believe that the old goal frameworks are broken when it comes to our personal goals. When we fail to achieve our goals, we often just accept that we didn't have the right determination or drive. However, the truth is that a productive framework for achieving our goals must account for the human factor.

This is where the importance of redirection comes in. Redirection helps us clarify what the real goal is and what actions are required to achieve it. For example, if the real goal is to become a social media influencer, then the necessary actions would require a commitment to personal development. This includes developing knowledge of branding, marketing, and engagement, as well as a willingness to learn platforms and technology, and get good at editing.

The outcome of having a million followers would be a result of achieving the real goal, (developing your skillset and toolbox of strategies.) But we don't walk around saying 'My goal is to manage my fear and resistance of learning a new technology'...but maybe we should. It's important to focus on the process of personal development as the goal to achieve our outcomes, rather than just focusing on the outcome itself. By developing our skills, knowledge, and experience, we can build the foundation for long-term success and become the best version of ourselves.

In conclusion, outcomes are not goals. We need to move beyond the traditional goal frameworks and focus on developing a framework that accounts for the human factor. By redirecting our focus to the real goals and the personal development required to achieve them, we can achieve our goals in a more sustainable and fulfilling way. So, let's stop focusing solely on outcomes and start focusing on personal development and the necessary actions required to achieve our real goals. Happy Goal Smashing!


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