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Okay, so you might have caught my TED talks, dabbled in my books or podcasts, or even heard about my epic journey from dyslexic dropout to learning from the brainiacs at Oxford (yes, Oxford!). But here's a little secret not everyone knows: I've also been a brand strategist and a data science marketer on this wild ride. And you know what? Along the way, I've been asked not one but two burning questions over and over: 'How do I build my dream brand?' and 'How do I reach relationship goals and build those life-changing habits?' Well, folks, I'm all about making things easy and accessible. No gatekeeping here! So, I'm sharing the goods for free – because whether it's distant dreams, better relationships, or life-changing habits, everyone deserves to have the tools to make it happen!

Currated with a Theripist 

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