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How I Stopped Being A Flake

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Hey there, fellow goal-smashers! I have a confession to make: I used to be terrible at finishing things. Inspirations would come to me like a tidal wave, and I would be gung-ho about starting a lofty project like painting the garage or putting in a vegetable patch. However, my motivation would hit a screeching halt when I hit an obstacle, and for years, many of my aspirations died a slow death of mismanagement. I was a flake! But, the good news is that I figured out how to work around my unfinished life and became a goal smasher!

If you can relate to my story and struggle with finishing things, don't worry, you're not alone. Whether it's because you've been hit by the ADD stick like me or just struggle with staying focused when you lose your way, I'm here to tell you that there is hope!

Through trial and error, (and a lot of education in project management) I've discovered some tips that made all the difference in the world and moved me from overwhelmed to overachiever. And, I'm excited to share these tips with you.

Step 1: When Inspiration Strikes, STOP and Make a Plan

The first thing to do when inspiration strikes is to STOP and make a plan. It can be tempting to jump right into a project, but taking a moment to make a plan will help you stay on track. Write down your ideas, and make sure to include specific details like deadlines and resources you'll need.

Step 2: Break Your Plan Down into Step-by-Step Actions

Once you have a plan in place, break it down into manageable steps. Imagine you're explaining the process to a minion and be sure to include all the details. Breaking down your plan into step-by-step actions will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and make it easier to turn your ideas into action.

Step 3: Make a Dependency List

It's not enough to know what you need to start a project; you need to know what you need to finish it. Make a list of all the resources and tasks that are required to complete your project. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you have everything you need to finish your project successfully.

Step 4: Schedule Each Task

To stay on track and avoid procrastination, schedule each task and estimate how much time you'll need to complete it. This will help you make progress and meet your deadline. Yes, it may sound a bit overboard, but trust me, these actions will keep you out of the ditch!

I have borrowed basic steps from business to outline a project, and as a certified Scrum Master, I can tell you that they help some of the biggest and most successful businesses in the world thrive.

If you what to know why we tend to fail on projects read about the Planning Fallacy and how to avoid it, and don't forget to grab your copy of Goal Smasher and learn the science behind the actions and how it all fits together to become an overachiever!

In conclusion, if you struggle with finishing things, know that you're not alone. Try implementing these tips into your workflow to see if they make a difference. Remember to practice self-compassion along the way, and use setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. With perseverance and determination, you too can become a goal smasher and enjoy what you finished!

Talk Soon!


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