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The Rainbow Effect: Shortcutting Your Way to Success

Hey there, fellow Goal Smasher! 🌈 Let's dive into a bit of magic I like to call "The Rainbow Effect." Ever feel like you're on the treadmill of goal chasing, running towards your dreams but somehow staying in the same spot? I've been there, and let me tell you, it's not about running harder; it's about who you're running with.

The Shortcut You Didn't Know You Needed

Imagine you've got this big, audacious goal. Now, picture this: you align with folks who are already living your dream. Whether they're rocking a multi-franchise operation or killing it in a new venture, these are the people you want to be around. Why? Because suddenly, you're not just on the path; you're taking a rainbow ride straight into their world. And guess what? This isn't just feel-good advice; there's solid science backing it up.

The Science Bit (Because We Love a Bit of Brain Magic)

Okay, science enthusiasts and curious minds, let's get into why this alignment thing works wonders on our brains. First off, there's something super powerful at play called social modeling. When we see someone we admire doing the things we dream of, our brain goes, "Hey, I might be able to do that too!" It's like getting a mental roadmap from someone who's already navigated the journey.

And then, there's the reticular activation system (RAS) - a fancy term for a brain filter that helps us focus on what's important. When a mentor or someone we respect points something out to us, our RAS lights up like a Christmas tree, making us hyper-aware of opportunities and information that align with our goals. It's like having a personalized GPS for success, recalibrating our focus towards what really matters.

Making It Personal

During the adventure of producing my TV show "Stay Curious," I was surrounded by these incredible brains, all doing the things I aspired to. So, I did something a bit unconventional—I reached out and asked to hire them as my coaches. Yes, I literally said, "Hey, your time is valuable, and so is mine. Can I pay you to be my Yoda?" Some gave me their rates, and others offered their wisdom for free. But here's the kicker: showing I was willing to invest not only opened the door to their knowledge but also aligned my brain's focus like never before.

Why This Works Like a Charm

By investing in coaching or mentorship, we're not just paying for advice. We're turbocharging our brain's ability to perceive and grasp the nuances of success. This isn't just about moving forward; it's about leaping forward, bypassing years of trial and error.

Embracing the Knowledge Rainbow

In a world buzzing with courses and workshops (yup, guilty of running a few myself), it's easy to overlook the tangible, life-altering wisdom of those who've walked the path before us. Don't just admire your heroes from afar. Reach out. Learn from them. Invest in that relationship. Because when you do, you're investing in a faster, brighter, more achievable version of your dream.

Wrapping It Up

So, before we part ways, let's remember: aligning with people who embody our goals isn't just inspirational; it's a strategic move that our brains love. The "Rainbow Effect" isn't just a theory; it's a science-backed pathway to accelerating our success. Let's not shy away from putting our money where our mouth is, because, at the end of the day, it's the best investment we can make in ourselves. Here's to chasing rainbows, with a little help from our friends (and our brains)!

Stay Curious, Goal Smashers!




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