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Hey there, Goal Smashers!

Nearly once a week, someone asks me about the book writing process. How did I do it? How long did it take? How did I land one of the best agents in the country? Even small things like what reference style I use. Recently, I met with an aspiring author who had a passion for a topic, and I suggested they start blogging about it. I could feel the immediate rejection of my idea, but I want to tell you why blogging is such a powerful tool.

In my workshops, I help people outline steps to reach their goals, and one of the goals I often hear is people's desire to be an author. Writing a book can seem like a daunting task, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work involved. But blogging can be a great way to break down that process into more manageable pieces.

You know I'm a geek for all things brain science, and there's actually evidence to suggest that writing ideas down can have a positive impact on your brain. Studies have shown that the act of writing stimulates areas of the brain associated with creativity, problem-solving, and memory retention. So not only can blogging help you develop your writing skills, but it can also have a positive impact on your brain function.

Blogging has been a powerful tool for me to work out my ideas further, to hone concepts and share a little morsel of an idea. It's been a way for me to get feedback, and lessons have emerged about my voice. I've been able to see what content matters to others and points that needed more work. It's a way of capturing my ideas on a page, so I can return and add more later. All in all, if you read my blog and my forthcoming book, "Goal Smasher," you'll see that my blog is the test run for it.

If you're a passionate author-to-be, consider blogging. It's not just for the audience, it's not just for your mailing list, it's for you, for the development of your craft, and to hone your skills. And what you have in the end, at least I did, is a pretty clear view of the book you want to write. So happy blogging!

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