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Gloria Steinem ( internationally recognized founder of the womans movement)

"I and countless others who know of your example are so proud of you, for being a woman in stem, for struggling with dyslexia and none the less getting through MIT you are such a heroic example, I am in ah of you."


Dr. Drew Pinsky (former host of the popular radio show Loveline and globally recognized expert on relationships and addiction):


"Audrey is all about helping people. That is her passion, and this book is an expression of that."


Dr. Deepak Chopra (Multiple New York Times best-selling author and world renowned thought leader on well-being, the worlds self-help Guru)


"Your book is about manifesting this positive change in our lives     so we can all manifest our dreams."


Roxane Gay (New York Times best-selling author)


"Congratulations, Audrey, you are a super-achiever. Best of luck getting your book out into the world; I hope people love what you have to say."



Rasheda Ali (Mohamad Alis' daughter)


"I want to wish you the best of luck on launching your new book."


Carson Kressley (Emmy Winner and T.V. personality "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy")


"Audrey, a huge congratulations to you on your motivational podcast and your new book, I can't wait to read the book and be on the show! Have your people call my people!"


Barb Schmidt, (Spiritual leader and International best-selling author of The Practice)


"Congratulations, Audrey, you have always had the passion in wanting to teach others, and this book teaches how to effect the changes and manifest the happiness that we deeply desire."


Alison Rosen (T.V. personality of the Adam Carolla show, podcaster, and author)


"Congrats on your book I'm very excited for you! I know you're going to crush it!"


Kurtis Lee Thomas (#1 international best-selling author of The World Is Yours)


"Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to change.  They need the tools and the resources, and you writing a book that's gonna steward this positive change for people, it's just something I can't commend you enough congratulations."


Why? Why did I have to wait to get my dyslexic back-assward thinking self to YALE to learn -on the first day no less, what could have saved me (and you) a freaken lifetime of struggles. The basic shortcut of how our brains really work. Simple stuff -meaningful details that I could have used in the fifth grade, about how success is more than luck or timing and not nearly as elusive as most of us believe. It pissed me off.

Imagine this: a dyslexic, attention-deficit dropout, defying all odds and enrolling in classes online at universities like Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, and Dartmouth. Studying subjects ranging from Business and Neuroscience to Marketing Psychology and more. But what happens when we blend the best of these methods together to create the ultimate recipe for success? The result is a Goal Smasher.

Introducing Goal Smasher—an empowering toolkit meticulously crafted to help you break free from the rut you're stuck in and achieve tangible, meaningful results. Drawing inspiration from the world of business, we provide you with practical tools and strategies that actually work. We combine the finest elements of agile methodologies, disruptive innovation, and a deep understanding of the human mind, tailored to make sense in your everyday life.

No longer confined to classrooms and boardrooms, Goal Smasher brings the power of knowledge and business acumen right to your living room. It's time to unlock your true potential and become a Goal Smasher. Embrace this transformative journey and witness the remarkable changes you can make in your life.

Anyone can be a Goal Smasher, I am severely dyslexic, for those of you who do not know about this debilitating condition, it renders you incapable of seeing letters and words the way you should. How can I learn, when I read so poorly you ask?  Part of a Goal Smasher is dealing with your setbacks and using them to update your mind, update your life.

Now picture me at my desk, my finger poised over the "Send" button on my laptop. I was just three inches from a major reboot. But it scared the hell out of me. I had been working as an interior designer, a career that was taking me nowhere fast. I longed for something more soul-satisfying, more lucrative, more make-me-bounce-out-of-bed-in the morning-raring-to-go happy. More pay-my-bills, I thought I might have found the answer in MIT's online international Ph.D.-level program in data science, a daydream life upgrade. But failure pressed to the ground by the weight of dyslexia, I feared I would never meet my destiny.

After a few deep breaths, I told my finger to ignore my fear and pressed the button, and began my Success Reset and the rest, as they say, is history. I went on to build a highly successful and deeply satisfying career resetting success in my life and the lives of others as a coach, radio show host, three-time TEDx speaker, host, and producer of a TV show. And with the book, you hold in your hand, an author.

It didn't happen overnight. Slowly I discovered the gift hidden in my dyslexia: the uncanny ability to grasp interconnected relationships and hidden patterns of success. This skill enabled me to soar to reinvention.

I winged my way through advanced online courses at Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, Berkeley, Princeton, and beyond. I had unlocked the whole wide universe of learning and a pattern of success hidden across multiple disciplines.

What if we borrowed success from disruptive innovation the buzzword of business, balanced it with psychology, and flushed it through a lens of neuroscience. What if we used all of the arsenal hidden behind the ivy gates of education to unlock our own outcomes? redefining the rules for success.  

So, what are the rules for personal success, I wondered?  That question sent me soaring into the stratosphere of psychology and neuroscience. There I learned how the human brain works, how we use it to define and redefine ourselves, how we can transform into a high-flying achievers. I found that just as a business disruption begins with a single and often simple insight, Success Reset begins with a single inescapable pain point, that turning-point moment that marks a true fork in the road. Mine came when I poised my finger over that "Send" button. Yours may come when you graduate from school, find you can no longer stand your soul-sapping job, get fired, battle back from a terrible accident or health crisis, suffer from feelings of hopelessness and depression, or encounter any of the innumerable moments when push comes to shove when you must choose to remain stuck or embark on a new (and admittedly scary) path to reset your life.

In this book, I share a step-by-step, easy to follow, yet sometimes challenging, methodology anyone can use to practice and eventually master a life reset. It begins with enabling a personal culture of success, applying the latest scientific principles, and gathering new assets you need to succeed. Along the way, it provides an array of tools transformed from business and neuroscience for life, illustrated by examples of those tools at work. It concludes by redefining every setback and failure as an opportunity for learning and growth.

In the end, Success Reset is all in your head. If you update your mind, you update your life.


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