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Willingness: The Secret Sauce To Success

Hey there, Goal Smashers! Audrey Lawrence here, and today we're diving into a topic that can truly transform your journey towards success: willingness. You see, I've developed a personal radar over the years, and I believe that one of the top indicators of success is your attitude towards trying new things. Your willingness will determine your success more than luck or brains ever could.

Now, I get it—unwillingness can sometimes feel like a protective shield against potential pain. Negative experiences have created hazard warnings that flare up, reminding us of dangerous territory. But shifting from false alarm warnings about new experiences to being a willing opportunity-seizer is a conscious act that doesn't happen by accident.

Let me share with you what I like to call "My Game Changer." Learning that our brains are flawed for today's world has been a real game changer for me. This knowledge has helped me reset my hazard boundaries and approach new experiences with more openness and curiosity.

You see, deep within our brains lies the "lizard brain," or what I like to call our inner caveman. It's the part of our evolution that formed first—a survival mechanism that kept cavemen alive, securing future generations. Being wary of new experiences was essential back then, like staying alert for lurking tigers or tribes that might carry away our children.

But guess what? Today, there are no lurking tigers or kid snatchers at our cave door. Yet, we often find ourselves making judgments from this ancient part of our brain. Understanding that our brains are flawed for the modern world allows us to reset our hazard boundaries and approach new experiences with more willingness to try. This can lead to more fulfilling and rewarding lives, as we don't let primitive thinking ruled by fear make our decisions.

So, if you're struggling with willingness, don't worry—there are ways to build it up. First, try examining the concepts you automatically push against. What's really behind that hard NO? Is it fear, or is there something else at play? Challenge those judgments and take some time to marinate on new ideas.

Don't be afraid to seek out knowledge and new experiences—they can help expand your horizon and give you the confidence you need to take on new challenges. Prioritize the experience of new things in your life and embrace the knowledge that comes with it.

Remember, your willingness is like the fuel that keeps your engine running on the road to achieving your goals. So, let go of the protective shield, unlock your inner curiosity, and be open to the wonders of new possibilities. Embrace your willingness, and let it drive you towards a world of endless opportunities.

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Until next time, keep smashing those goals, my friends! Stay inspired and keep shining your light on the world!

You've got this!


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