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The Ultimate Guide to Life Crafting

Well hello there, my friend! I hope you're doing well today. This past year has been a tough one. But in many ways, it has also been a transformative one. As we mourn the loss of the schedules we once had in exchange for Zoom meetings and face masks, we're also seeing a major shift in priorities. It's almost like the world has gone through a mid-life crisis, with people quitting their jobs, reevaluating what truly matters, and making major changes motivated by a desire for a better life. Our priorities have shifted from possessions to purpose, and the data reflects it.

But out of the chaos and uncertainty, a movement has emerged - the movement to craft a meaningful life. We've watched terrible news broadcasts for weeks and months on end, and it's become clear that we need to take control of our lives and create the future we want.

For me, life crafting is not a new concept. In fact, I've spent the last year drafting and researching the manuscript of a lifetime, which I've tentatively titled "Goal Smasher." As I delved deeper into the concept of happiness and purpose, I realized that much of what we are taught and believe is short-sighted at best. Many of the tools we use to craft a purposeful life are outdated and missing the most current knowledge of the brain.

The truth is, what we know today about the human mind and how we manage situations is based on old data. Advancements in neuroscience and technology, such as fMRI, have given us new insights into how the brain works, but our tools for self-betterment haven't kept up. It's like trying to use a 40-year-old computer in today's world - it's just not going to work.

That's why "Goal Smasher" is not just another self-help book. It's a cutting-edge guide to life crafting that incorporates the latest knowledge of the brain and the most effective tools for achieving our goals.

An example of how our brain can get it wrong is in the way we manage emotions like fear of trying new things or the urge to collect things that still leave us yearning for more. These are common issues that are profoundly connected to our well-being, yet they're not always common knowledge. The good news is that brain science has made great strides in understanding these issues, and we can use this knowledge to improve our lives.

In "Goal Smasher," I've worked hard to distill the insights I've gained from some of the greatest teachers in brain science, such as Robert Wright, Lori Santos, and Peter Bloom, into practical tools that anyone can use. But I didn't stop there. I also looked to the world of business to see if there were lessons we could apply to our personal lives.

From Harvard professor Clay Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation to the agile management style of leading industry makers, I've brought together the groundbreaking ideas that have transformed the world of business into an alchemy of my own. And let me tell you, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

"Goal Smasher" is powerful, yet simple stuff that I wish I had known back in the 5th grade. It's a guide to creating the future we truly want by using the latest insights from brain science and the most effective tools from the world of business "Goal Smasher" isn't just a book that's helped me transform my life - it's a formula that I've taken to workshops, speaking engagements, and even shared on the TED channel. And the feedback has been nothing short of astounding. People from all walks of life have shared with me that they wish they had access to this knowledge much earlier in life.

My own journey from a dropout who hated math to learning algorithms at MIT inspired me to create this formula and share it with the world. It's a guide that incorporates the latest insights from brain science and the most effective tools from the world of business, distilled into a simple yet powerful framework that anyone can use.

So whether you're just starting out on your life crafting journey or looking to take it to the next level, "Goal Smasher" is the book for you. It's a formula that has already helped so many people transform their lives and achieve their goals. And who knows? It just might be the missing piece you need to craft the life you truly want.

Craft away, my friends!




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