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My Inside Scoop on Landing a TEDx Talk: My Journey and Tips for Aspiring Speakers

Updated: Jan 12

Hello, passionate speakers and changemakers! As someone who's delivered multiple TEDx talks with significant viewership (like my second talk ranking 7th globally for the month!), I often get asked, "How do you do it?" Today, I'm excited to share not just my journey but also a special resource I've created for all aspiring TEDx speakers.

A New Resource for Aspiring TEDx Speakers

I know how challenging it can be to find reliable guidance on this journey. That's why I've put together a comprehensive document compiling all my tips, strategies, and insights from my TEDx experiences. This resource is designed to be your go-to guide, ensuring you have the information you need to succeed, even if our schedules don’t align. It's my way of passing on the lessons learned from delivering talks that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Choosing Your Topic: Passion Meets Flexibility

The first step is choosing your topic. My golden rule? Pick a subject you're deeply passionate about. But remember – be flexible. Your passion must align with the TEDx mission of ideas worth spreading. It's a balance between personal inspiration and universal appeal.

Consulting with Friends and Influencers

Throughout my journey, I've leaned on the wisdom of friends and brand influencers. These conversations have been invaluable, helping me refine my approach and understand what makes a TEDx talk truly stand out – from storytelling to audience engagement.

TEDx: A Powerful Platform for Your Message

TEDx is an incredible platform for validating and spreading your mission. It tests whether your idea resonates on a global scale. My experience, especially with my highly-viewed talks, has shown me the power of this stage in amplifying a message and sparking widespread interest.

The Journey to the TEDx Stage

Landing a TEDx talk involves standing out with your application and then meticulously preparing. It's about authenticity and impact. The way you present is just as important as your content. It's about making a real connection with your audience while being flexible:

 Think of it like this: You've got a bunch of cool ideas and key points you're excited about, right? Jot them all down, kind of like making a playlist of your favorite tunes. Now, here's the fun part – play matchmaker with your list and what the TED event is all about. Each TED event has its own vibe, like a theme party. Your job is to figure out how your awesome ideas can jazz up their party. It's like showing up with the perfect playlist that gets everyone saying, "Wow, this is exactly what we needed!" By linking your stuff to what the event is aiming for, you're not just another speaker – you're the one who's got their back, bringing something special to the table that lights up the whole event. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where your passions meet their goals. That's when the magic happens!

TEDx Bring Your Agency

TED and TEDx events highly value speakers who exhibit a strong sense of authority in their respective niches. It's about being more than knowledgeable; it's about being a thought leader in your area of expertise. Your presentation should reflect a deep understanding of your subject, showcasing not only your proficiency but also your unique insights. This approach demonstrates agency, indicating that you're not merely a participant in your field, but an influential figure shaping its direction. TED organizers look for individuals who can not only inform but also inspire their audience, effectively leading discussions and sparking new ideas in their domain. Being this kind of authoritative yet relatable speaker aligns well with TED's ethos of spreading ideas that are both enlightening and capable of making a significant impact.

Impact of TEDx Talks on Life and Career

Stepping onto the TEDx stage is more than just a career highlight; it's a personal journey of growth and discovery. This platform is a launchpad, opening doors to new horizons and opportunities. My own talks have been door-openers, bringing in a wealth of opportunities, but the real key was being prepared for what followed. It's essential to ask yourself: How will I capitalize on this opportunity? Is my website up-to-date and ready to welcome new visitors? Have I crafted a compelling speaker one-sheet? Are my topics polished and impactful?

Remember, your TEDx talk is likely to drive curious minds to your online doorstep, often through YouTube where your talk shines. Imagine your website as the after-party to your talk – it's where the conversation continues and connections deepen. Just like any skilled host knows, being prepared for guests is crucial. I was ready for my guests, ensuring that when they arrived, intrigued by my ideas, they found a well-prepared space that continued the dialogue. Ensuring your digital presence is as engaging and thought-provoking as your talk is key to transforming this opportunity into a lasting impact on both your life and career.

My Advice to You

To all aspiring TEDx speakers, find your unique voice and dare to share bold ideas. When you step onto that stage, aim to inspire change and provoke thought.

Remember, your journey to the TEDx stage is as much about personal growth as it is about public speaking. So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

If you're keen on diving deeper, I'm thinking of hosting a cozy group session – let's not call it a masterclass; it's more of a friendly group call where I'll be answering your questions. It's a casual, yet informative gathering. This session will not only help me gauge interest in potentially creating a more structured course, but it will also give you a head start on this incredible journey. Think of it as a taster, a chance to sample what's in store. And don't worry about the cost – this one's on me, just a way to share some insights and see where it takes us!

Anyways...My talks are the stepping stones of my larger journey, Authorship, TV host and all around curious human looking for solutions. Check em out!

You can soooo do this!

PS the world needs your light!




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