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Hack Your Mind

Updated: May 4, 2023



Have you ever experienced the phenomenon where you learn a new word, like "serendipity," and then suddenly you start seeing it everywhere? It can feel strange, like the whole world already knew this word but you. However, this new word didn't just suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was always there, but your brain wasn't filtering for it before. That's where the RAS Hack (Reticular Activating System) comes in.

The RAS acts as a gatekeeper in your brain, filtering out noise and focusing on what's important. The catch is that we don't consciously get to choose what it filters unless we become aware of it. This system kind of has a mind of its own, but we can hack it to notice more of what could benefit us.

For example, if you've always dreamed of going to France, instead of just daydreaming about Paris, wake up your RAS by getting specific about what needs to happen to make it a reality. Train your RAS to spot opportunities that will bring you closer to your goal.

By hacking your brain's RAS, you create a feedback loop that reminds you of your goals, leading to more serendipitous opportunities. So why not take control and have a say in what your brain filters?

If you want to activate this powerful system in your brain, try the free, easy, and fun Goal Mapping Ditto to get your RAS rolling.

Remember, Goal Smasher is here to help you move from overwhelmed to overachiever with these little nuggets of wisdom. So go ahead, hack your RAS, and see what kind of serendipitous opportunities come your way!

Happy hacking!



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