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Taking my own medicine

Hey there, fabulous readers!

You all know my long and winding writing journey, my struggles with dyslexia, and my journey from being a dropout to studying at some of the best schools in the world (hello, Oxford!). But let me tell you, being a goal smasher is not a one-time achievement—it's a daily practice. And I'll be honest, some days I wake up with that familiar knot in my stomach, wondering if I've just been lucky or if the universe took pity on my less-than-stellar existence. But deep down, I know better.

No, it wasn't luck that got me here. It was hard work, pure and simple. It was about facing the things that scared the living daylights out of me. So today, I've got a big, nerve-wracking challenge ahead of me. My amazing book team has told me that it's time to put "Goal Smasher" through the review cycle. Hold on a second—can't I just lock myself away for years, write this book, and be done with it? Remember, I'm dyslexic, so most of it comes out wrong the first time around. Now, they're telling me I have to ask real writers to review my work? I'd almost prefer to springboard off a trapeze (yes, I've done it, and yes, it's terrifying).

But here's the thing: I realized today that I didn't just write "Goal Smasher" for the world. I wrote it for me. It's like my personal pep talk laced with science. It reminds me, I need to take my own medicine for success. Even though it feels dangerous, and I'm almost certain that brilliant writers will look at my dyslexic hot mess of a book and chuckle, just like my high school English teacher did at my early attempts, I have to do it. There's that familiar urge to crawl under the bed and seek comfort in something warm -mac-n-cheese works.

But I have to take my own medicine, remind myself of how far I've come, and understand that it's okay to fail at this too. I'll be okay, and I'll emerge even better from the experience. What they can't take from me is my heartfelt mission to inspire and heal. Even if my story isn't the trendiest or the most elegant, that's okay because I know someone out there needs to read it. They need to read it so that they can muster the courage to step out from under their own beds, start writing their own books, or conquer their own towering goal mountains. We've got science on our side to overcome our shortcomings, and that's a powerful ally.

So, here's to taking my own Goal Smashing medicine, facing the fear, and emerging stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever. Let's go smash those goals!

With perseverance,




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